SIHF 2019

Lifestyle Hall

More than 1,000 handmade creations of various tastes and feelings in one place.

Come to Lifestyle Hall to experience the festival of handmade, where some 260 teams of handmade creators (including one-man creators, companies and social enterprises) introduce their crafts, lifestyle goods, fashion & accessory items, illustrations and food items.

International Hall

Find out the international trend of handmade from 15 countries!

Come and visit International Hall to find out the international trend of handmade presented by some 60 teams from 15 countries, including Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and Laos. You can find unique crafts that represent their countries. Take a world tour of handmade and get inspired by new findings!

Major Participants

[Australia] ROSE MARKET
Roughly based on similar markets in London, Berlin and New York – you’ll find Melbourne’s best art and design talent here each Saturday and Sunday. In fact, we showcase the work of up to 120 creatives, so expect to feast your eyes on plenty of unique gems and one-off wonders that you won’t get anywhere else!

A Sustainable Stationery & Lifestyle Brand playfully designed with Light and Love. What began as a small business creating hand-made cards based out of Radhika’s studio has grown into a brand ‘left-handesign’ which celebrates collections inspired by simple joys of travel, art, nature, food with its roots in paper goods.

Ock Pop Tok, meaning East meets West, is an artisan social enterprise based in Luang Prabang, Laos founded in 2000 on the principles of fair trade and sustainable business. We offer the best in handmade products from Laos including silk, cotton, and hemp textile products such as bags and purses, jackets, jewelry, gifts, home décor and more.

[Thailand] PaChaNa Studio & BannKangWat & Earth Republic
PaChaNa Studio has been established since 2005. All ceramics are uniquely handmade.The studio creates practical designs with good quality and safety which make the work full of functions and aesthetics.

[Taiwan] Whale Dawn 鯨湯匙
“A baby born with a Golden spoon” is a saying in Taiwan, which means a lucky baby born in a genteel and wealthy family.
The pronouns of the “Whale” in Mandarin, just sounds like the Gold. We can’t decide where we born, but we can choose how we live. Bring yourself a good luck with Whale Dawn’s Crafts.

International Participants

[Taiwan] Binary Pottery
Binary Pottery was exhibited worldwide as an art project for the last 5 years and finally developed its own product line in 2017 – a lifestyle belongs to urban living. By combining technologies and handcrafting, Binary Pottery displays a whole new crafting technique and creates its unique patterns

[Taiwan] SweetThing
As parents, we think all the magic tiny moments while raising kids should be cherished forever. This concept inspires us to design more practical parenting products, such as foldable children raincoat, water bottle bag, beverage bag, and picnic mat, for better family life. We always believe that your company is the best gift for kids!

‘SALA’ means ‘school’ and ‘SUSU’ means ‘cheer up’ in the Cambodian language. SALASUSU is a Japanese social enterprise based in Cambodia for over 10 years and dedicated to improving the lives of young Cambodians. Our mission is to empower young people to gain the life skills they need through training or ethical manufacturing, paving the way for a bright future.

[Taiwan] Shi-Ye Craft Design
Pick up leaves and rebuilds the beauty of the earth with metal crafts, leave the most authentic evidence for precious plants through the creation and feel the beauty of natural creation. Deliver the concept "Art is in our life", experience the metal creation aesthetics which was made by nature and integrates with life.

[Taiwan] CLAYWAY
Silver Clay is an environmentally friendly material consisting of sub-micron powdered silver and cellulose and is made from recycled electronic waste. It is soft and can be shaped by hand to make jewelry, for example. The Clay then be fired in a kiln. During this process the organic part evaporates to leave pure silver. It has good strength, has a high gloss finish and only shrinks minimally in the drying process.

[Nepal] Goodhands
Good Hands Social Enterprise is a social enterprise started as a sewing workshop under Good Hands Nepal NGO. Unlike other sewing factories, Good Hands Social Enterprise provides the opportunities of earning more money to married women with low-income, while providing day care services to the children of the seamstresses. Good Hands Social Enterprise wishes to become a factory of dream and hope for Nepalese women by helping them to stand on their own feet as the members of society.

[Laos] BAN PUEAN Handicraft
Ban Puean Handicraft is a social enterprise working to empower young women with disability in Laos through strengthening capacity and professional skills. Our main products are textile, bamboo handicraft and silver craft, produced with unique & creative designs by integrating Lao traditional and modern styles.

[Malaysia] PSPK
PSPK supports individual women and families to restore through our community by transforming and empowering them with a renewed sense of purpose to reach their fullest potential. The objectives of PSPK are to create opportunities for economic independence, provide life skills training and counselling, and support children education.

[India] HRDF
Carving lives in one the unit of HRDF and the vision is a just and equitable society with gender justice and sustainable development of marginalized community and the mission is to achieve the vision through skills building and dignified self employment. Sculpture and carving crafts are one of the alternative livelihoods of rural unemployed poor people in Kanchipuram district, Tamilnadu state - India.

[Vietnam] Tohe
Tòhe is a social enterprise in Vietnam, established in 2006, with a clear mission to provide creative learning playgrounds for disadvantaged children. Tòhe organize weekly art playgrounds for disadvantaged children. Selected artworks from art classes are redesigned and printed on lifestyle products such as: accessories, clothes, homeware, toys, etc., branded under the name. 5% of its sales will be distributed to the children as royalty.

[Indonesia] Du’Anyam
Du’Anyam is a social enterprise that produces and distributes wicker crafts to empower women and improve maternal and child health in Indonesia. Du’Anyam was started to tackle the socioeconomic problems behind maternal and child health issues in rural Indonesia where existing off-farm skills like wicker weaving from local natural materials are rich but there is a limitation of market access.

[Indonesia] Javara Academy
JAVARA ACADEMY is a start-up incubator and business services for smallholder farmers which will help them to transform themselves into food entrepreneurs selling added-value products. It aims to promote local economic growth and inclusiveness by creating new start-up grassroot businesses which are able to produce high quality Indonesian artisanal food products while sustaining future generation of farmers with strong entrepreneurial mindset.

[Philippines] WOVENCRAFTS
Woven Crafts is a social enterprise started in 2014, with the original purpose of helping the weavers and embroiderers of Basey, Samar get back up on their feet, after their town was devastated by super-typhoon Haiyan in late 2013. Today, Woven produces and offers a vibrant line of banig-based handicrafts, all with the hopes of sustaining the traditional art of weaving and embroidery for future generations.

[Philippines] Risque Designs and Accessories Inc
Risqué is a Philippine-based shoe manufacturing social enterprise, prioritizing collaborations with artisans such as weavers, carvers and shoemakers. We are also empowering start-up shoe designers and brands to co-create their designs with us.

[Uganda] Jerrybag
Jerrybag means a bag containing jerrycan, a plastic water bottle that is used to carry the water necessary for living in Africa. For every bag you purchase, 1 One+ bag will be made by local women in Jerrybag Uganda studio and delivered to children in need through international NGO partners.

[South Korea] Tripti
Tripti Group of Nepal helps young women in Kovilla Group Home, which cares for the victims of recent great earthquake in Nepal, to learn various craftsmanship including sewing, doll-making, etc., so that they can become independent. The ‘corn husk’ is recycled into beautiful eco-friendly, traditional Nepalese dolls. These dolls also promote Nepalese culture to the world, because they portray traditional Nepalese culture.

[Thailand] Thailand Creative Culture 2019 (TCC 2019)
Thailand Creative Culture 2019 project is performed by Department of Industrial Promotion (DIP), Ministry of Industry Thailand to promote community entrepreneurs. The project aims to support these entrepreneurs to develop their local cultural heritage and folk wisdom base on creative and sustainable design in order to preserve nature, environment and all people in their community.

[Thailand] linnil & 3.2.6. studio
linnil is a brand of natural dye clothing which is handmade in a small studio in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We use all natural and materials from local. There are other handmade products are also available including notebooks, bags, accessories.
3.2.6. studio is a brand of a handcrafted ceramic studio based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We made by hand one by one in the unique style.

[Thailand] Run Ga Run
We work closely with the team of artisans that produce our in chiang mai and love developing lasting and meaningful relationship with people that share our commitment to quality craftsmanship. We value authenticity, creativity and an uncomplicated approach that overflows into the design of each of our products

[Thailand] Jibberish & NABI & Charm-Leam Studio
Since Natta was young, she wore her mother’s handmade clothes and saw her mom making many things by herself. She then realized how wonderful items put together by busy fingers and a caring mind are. From mother’s inspiration, jibberish clothing style were designed to fall loosely on the body, make it easy to everyday life… like a mom-made stuff for kids.

[Hong Kong] Lilys
LILYS.JEWELRY are all of our own design and weaving by hands. They are mainly made of Japanese seed beads and Swarovski® Crystals with vibrant colors for creating a lively and distinct visual contrast.

[Hong Kong] July July dream
July July Dream is founded in 2012 and based in Hong Kong. We believe that everyone is unique and everyone deserves to have their own style. Our inspiration always comes from the beauty & experience of life, so we launched a jewelry trilogy about the path of growing.

[Nepal] Manjusiri handicraft
Manjushree Handicraft Pvt. Ltd. is established to work for the benefit and welfare of both the thangka art and metal crafts artists and the buyers of the products which was informally established in March 2018 by the experienced artist Mr. Hari Prasad Shrestha and Mr. Ram Saran Sunar.

Nepal Handicraft Collection produces different kinds of handmade produce made by pure Nettle, Felt and woolen. It is located in Chabahil-7 Kathmandu Nepal founded in 2015 and been producing its products and services within the Nation and beyond the nation every year.

Different with a craft from Bail and Da Nang, the handmade craft is made with a trunk of Kettang tree from Lombok island. It is the best well handmade craft prized from trade ministers. MAWAR KETOK LOMBOK is the platform to show very high-quality handmade craft which has excellent water proof and control effect, specially treated by smoking for 48 hours.

[India] DVE
Dve lets women be. Joy in the eye of them motivates us to do our best for them. Our handmade clothes bring nature and old Indian artistic tradition together to celebrate women and their original and uninhibited styles. Made from natural fibers, Dve clothes are authentic and made with finesse.

Different with a craft from Bail and Da Nang, the handmade craft is made with a trunk of Kettang tree from Lombok island. It is the best well handmade craft prized from trade ministers. MAWAR KETOK LOMBOK is the platform to show very high-quality handmade craft which has excellent water proof and control effect, specially treated by smoking for 48 hours.

[Mongolia] Mongolian Handicraft Development center
Mongolian Handicraft Development Center NGO was established in 2013 with the purpose to support handicrafts person of Mongolia, organize training, held an exhibition, advertisement & promotion. It has been working successfully until today.

Interational Exchange Programs

Programs that will allow you to experience the handmade things from various countries and build relationships.

We have prepared: seminars where you can personally learn about philosophies of the handmade and activities of different countries; and do-it-yourself workshops where you can learn and experience the world of handmade. With our programs, you will be able to build international relationships and gain new experiences and inspirations!

International Handmade Seminars


Pop up Asia
Hot trend in Asian handmade market

11:30~12:30, May 17, 2019(Fri.)
Business Lounge in Art Hall, Dongdaemoon Design Plaza


Birth, present and future of Laos, the 1st generation of fair trade

11:30~12:30, May 19, 2019(Sun.)
Business Lounge in Art Hall, Dongdaemoon Design Plaza


Social value pursued by Left-Handesign, the social enterprise

14:00~15:00, May 19, 2019(Sun.)
Business Lounge in Art Hall, Dongdaemoon Design Plaza

International Handmade Workshop


Mini spoon making – Wale Dawn

15:00~16:00, May 19, 2019(Sun.)
Business Lounge in Art Hall, Dongdaemoon Design Plaza

Themed Hall

Handmade_North & South

Theme Hall of SIHF 2019 will talk about the stories of North and South Koreas, through the beautiful media called ‘handmade’.
We provide an opportunity for you to imagine a future for North & South Koreas through the perspectives of various media, such as the things that can be touched by hands; the stories that can be added; and North & South Koreas that can be intuitively felt.

Venue: Theme Hall, International Conference Room, Art Hall
Time: Throughout the exhibition hours, May 16(Trs.)~19(Sun.), 2019


Emotions of North Korea ruminated by engraving

by Joonkwon Kim, engraver

Emotions of Korean people discovered through furniture used every day before the separation (Small tables and drawers)

by Dapshipri Antique Arts Center

Present and daily life of North Korea

Big Issue Korea
Made in Chosun_Nicholas Bonner
Culture & I Leaders

Various entities who are preparing the future of North and South Koreas


Programs for general participation
A social board game that presents co-existence and harmony with the people who fled from North Korea
Sasakki, a card game loved by North Koreans


Talk on North & South Koreas
Why did we choose North & South Koreas?
History, trend and development of crafts in North Korea, reviewed from the perspective of crafts

Youngdeung Kim
Joonho Kwon
Kyunghee Jang

Pop-up Store

Pyongyang Supermarket
Pyongyang Supermarket sells everyday items and fashion items that are created in pop art style and reflect the lifestyle of Pyeongyang people.

Culture & I Leaders
Filament & Co