About SIHF

Handmade is gaining in popularity as a cultural trend in our society. We might call this the “handmade era,” as handmade expands its scope from simple DIY projects, hobbies, and housebuilding to a real economic force in local communities.
In the past, handmade items were just an ordinary part of daily life, so they disappeared as skills died away in the wake of industrialization. Now handmade is once more becoming an important part of our living culture and industrial and economic systems as activities carried out by hand are recognized as the basis of many creative and emotional endeavors.
Now is the time to take the opportunity to promote the development of handmade and ensure its future by systematically introducing Handmade trends and culture to a wider segment of society.
Handmade is not static in form but is constantly evolving in response to the times and environmental conditions. Thus, efforts are needed to bring different forms together, discover their commonalities, and explore their potential futures through a variety of activities and experiments. Handmade holds the power to help us coexist with nature and harmoniously embellish it by spread into its emerging area and gaining wider sympathy of Handmade culture. Handmade is essential to creativity and communication in the twenty-first century.

The event is hosted by a social enterprise called Living and Art Creative Center, which first introduced a Free Market (the Art & Culture Market) 17 years ago.

What we are trying to promote

  1. Overall introduction and view of handmade from individual artist to corporation
  2. Introduction of new method of exhibition and program planning for handmade
  3. Creative synergy between Handmade and The other various industry items
  4. Finding-connecting-spreading of various handmade networks
  5. Experience festival of handmade culture in your daily life
  6. Handmade issues and their resolution in relation to sustainable living

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