Event Name
Seoul International Handmade Fair 2020 (서울국제핸드메이드페어 2020)

07.16.2020(Thur) ~ 07.19.2020(Sun)

The Art Hall at the DDP

Hosted by
Social Enterprise Living & Arts Creative Center
Seoul Design Foundation

Seoul International Handmade Fair 2020

The theme of ‘Handmade for Earth’

SIHF wants to meet global creators with interesting themes every year. As a creator, as a consumer, we constantly think about how to solve various issues in modern society with handmade materials. The upcoming SIHF2020 will share the emerging environmental issues in the current craft market, as well as activities as creators and consumers through the theme of <Handmade for Earth>

<Environmental Issues all over the world>

Originally, both human hands were the role of planting trees, sowing seeds, caring for life, and creating beauty.

A man who has been destroying the planet earth from some moment on.
Be thinking about ‘two hands’ of ‘human’.
Believes in the power of “handmade” by human beings.
Think about the value and beauty that Handmade creates.

Seoul International Handmade Fair promises to think about our role as a fair about ‘Handmade for the Earth’.We will work with the creators of handicrafts and visitors of fair to find the ways.

Our efforts are now beginning and we will make sure that our principle of every event we make is always for the planet Earth.

Craft Work

Ceramics, Metal, Fiber, Lacquer, Wood, Quilt, Glass, Women’s Quarters, Leather, Others

Living & Interior

Tableware, Home Interior, Furniture, Tableware, Children’s Stuff, Gardening, Lighting, Office Equipment, Miscellaneous IT Goods, Cosmetics, Beauty Supplies, Perfume, Tattoo, Nail Art, Others


Picture, Sculpture, Print, Photo, Illustration, Painting, Image, Others

Fashion & Accessories

Clothing, Hats, Bags, Shoes, Accessories, Watches, Ethnic Goods, Others


Recycled Goods, Fair Trade, Organic Goods, Soap & Aroma, Candle, Healing & Therapy, Others

Material & Tool

Materials, Sub-materials, Tools, Books, DIY kits, Others


Portrait, Caricature, Social & Public (PR & Campaign), Live Painting, Others


Fermented Food, Breads, Drinks, Agricultural Products, Others


Independent Publishing, Design, Stationaries, Accessories and Musical Instruments, Toys, Records, Others