[SIHF 2019 introduced by SIHF PEOPLE #2], Salt House, Jang Daewon

Hello, my name is Jang Daewon, the representative of the “Salt House” who makes handmade processed meat. I make homemade bacon, salami, smoked cheese, smoked almonds and other foods with a theme of smoked and salt.

First meeting with SIHF

When I first made homemade bacon, I sold it in the “warm southern” market town of Yeonnam – dong. Those who worked together at that time joined the Seoul International Handmade Fair and I also joined together naturally.

Charm unique of SIHF

The Seoul International Handmade Fair is very friendly to me since I participated in the first session. The time I spend with the staff and guests at the fair is very enjoyable. In particular, it seems to be able to create more synergy during the exhibition period by making friendship with the surrounding booths.

Recommended Items for SIHF 2019

Bacon and salami are also delicious, but it is better to look forward to ‘saucisson’ in this year’s fair. Imagine a dried sausage made of pig’s shoulder or hind legs. It is delicious to have with wine.

What to expect from SIHF 2019

I want to look around the fair even if I am busy this year. I wonder if some interesting artists have participated. I want to find a lot of new and cool things. Unlike last year, I heard that the food booth is gathered in one place, and synergy coming out there is expected. See you soon!