Notice : Rescheduling Seoul International Handmade Fair2020

Hello, this is the office of Seoul International Handmade Fair(SIHF).

We inform you that Seoul International Handmade Fair 2020 has decided to postpone the schedule for the health and safety of both participants and visitors at Korea and abroad, as the COVID-19 infection is not stopping all over the world.

It was for 21-24 May 2020, rescheduled to 16-19 July 2020.

Seoul International Handmade Fair is the only international handmade fair in Korea that is more sensitive to the COVID-19.

We are afraid that the COVID-19 disaster, which is sweeping from Asia to Europe to the continent of Africa, will create unprecedented communication difficulties with participants abroad.

However, Seoul International Handmade Fair is determined to overcome these difficulties more wisely and meet the expectations of the participants who have waited for us for a year.


  • We will make a new strategy to achieve more effective results so that we can overcome the disappointment of various handmade events that were not held during the first half of the year.
  •  Seoul International Handmade Fair, which marks its 7th anniversary, will repay participants with a safer and more reliable event.
  •  The theme of SIHF2020 is ‘Handmade for Earth MAMA’. A new virus called COVID-19 is the result of environmental pollution and this disturbance in the ecosystem. Seoul International Handmade Fair will actively explore the changing environment of handmade with mid and long-term vision starting with the 7th Fair in 2020 and leading the ranks of the Global Green New Deal that will drive our future. Join us at the beginning.


Although the COVID-19 is making our lives difficult, we support and comfort each other under the Seoul International Handmade Fair and pray for this crisis and disaster to pass quickly.

For those who are unable to participate due to the change of the host date, please contact us by email below and we will contact you individually after checking them in sequence.




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