NOTICE : about COVID-19

Hello, this is the head office of Seoul International Handmade Fair

We understand that you are significantly concerned about the new Corona virus that erupted in China (COVID-19).
SIHF is confirming the applicable instructions and other quarantine instructions it must comply with when operating an event where many people participate, to ensure the safety of visitors to the Fair.
Accordingly, SIHF secretariat would like to make the following announcements for the participants and visitors to SIHF 2020.

Instructions for Hosting of SIHF

[An excerpt from the Central Accident Handling Headquarters for New Corona Virus Infection meeting minutes (12 Feb)]
□ The Central Accident Handling Headquarters, together with the Central Quarantine Plan Headquarters, announced that it prepared a set of instructions that the hosts of events to which large crowd participates, such as festivals and tests, and the applicable health authorities can refer to, and such instructions will take effect today.
□ The Central Accident Handling Headquarters said that it created the above instructions, because the private and the public sectors have been asking what the necessary quarantine measures for their events were and whether they should postpone the events.

[An excerpt from the Assosiation of Korea Exhibition Industry for AKEI Recommendations regarding the Novel Coronavirus(COVID-19)]
□(Principles for holding exhibitions) In the following cases, the organizer are recommended to be hold as originally planned.
1) Exhibitions hosted by the public sector
2) Exhibitions involving foreign buyers and companies
3) B2B exhibitions
4) Exhibitions that may cause significant damages to community when canceled

According to those instructions, the hosts are less likely to be required to postpone or totally cancel their events – they are recommended to host their events while fully implementing the quarantine measures against COVID-19

∎ Based on the above instructions, SIHF 2020 will be held as it was originally planned.
∎ Date: 21 ~ 24 May 2020 at DDP,  4 days.

Regulations Related to Cancellation of Participation Application

According to the guidelines of Korea Center for Disease Control (KCDC), SIHF will be held as planned. Thus, the regulations related to the cancellation of participation application will be applied as they were.
If any additional emergency measures are announced due to the sharp increase of the new Corona Virus infection, we will make additional announcements regarding the Fair according to the instructions of KCDC and Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Plans Related to Hosting of Event

SIHF secretariat will make preparations for quarantine measures according to the guidelines by Central Quarantine Plan Headquarters to ensure safety of participants and visitors.
1) If possible, those who have visited China within 14 days from the date of event or suffer from fever or respiratory symptoms shall be prevented from participating in the Fair.
2) Establish a system of cooperation with Seoul Jung-gu Health Center to make preliminary announcements and implement staff training.
3) Place sufficient amount of soaps and hand sanitizers in the venue.
4) When a participant from the country subject to monitoring (other than China) participates, he/she shall be required to wear a face mask.

SIHF will give its best efforts in preparing for the Fair, so that the participants and the visitors will feel safe from the new Corona Virus.
If you have any question about the above announcement, please feel free to call +82-2-333-0310 or send an email to
Thank you.

– the Head office of SIHF–