Event Name
Seoul International Handmade Fair 2019 (서울국제핸드메이드페어 2019)

May 16- 11:00~19:00 / May 17- 11:00~20:30 / May 18- 11:00~19:00 / May 19- 11:00~19:00

The Art Hall at the DDP

Hosted by
Social Enterprise Living & Arts Creative Center
Seoul Design Foundation

Sponsored by
Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism
Ministry of Trade Industry&Energy
Seoul Cultural Foundation
Korea Craft & Design Foundation
Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency
Seoul social Economy Center

Cooperated with
AroundWork Together Foundation
Big Issue Korea
Sandoll Communications
Around Magazine
NAVER Living windows

Seoul International Handmade Fair 2019

Handmade_South and North
The most recent issue for South Korea, North Korea and the world is ‘inter-Korean exchange and peace.’ Peace has been a long-cherished desire for the Koreans, and if the two Koreas can achieve peace, it will end the last cold war in the world. What will handmade do in such a time of change? What would be the social role of handmade?
We have set ‘South and North’ as the theme of SIHF 2019. We wanted handmade to bring the South and the North together for communication and wanted to view handmade as an active movement for inter-Korean exchange and peace.
Handmade always intends to connect. That is the most essential function of hands. Handmade shall connect the South and the North. Through handmade, the South and the North meet through culture and rearrange their daily lives anew. After all, handmade will not only connect the South and the North, but also connect the world.
And the South and the North express the two current shapes of handmade. We intend to review the two-sided nature of handmade, such as culture and industry, creation and business start-up, daily life and creation, etc., and actively seek for solutions for handmade.

Organization of Seoul International Handmade Fair 2019 Exhibition Floors

This floor organization can be changed for smooth progress of the event.

Craft Work

Ceramics, Metal, Fiber, Lacquer, Wood, Quilt, Glass, Women’s Quarters, Leather, Others

Living & Interior

Tableware, Home Interior, Furniture, Tableware, Children’s Stuff, Gardening, Lighting, Office Equipment, Miscellaneous IT Goods, Cosmetics, Beauty Supplies, Perfume, Tattoo, Nail Art, Others


Picture, Sculpture, Print, Photo, Illustration, Painting, Image, Others

Fashion & Accessories

Clothing, Hats, Bags, Shoes, Accessories, Watches, Ethnic Goods, Others


Recycled Goods, Fair Trade, Organic Goods, Soap & Aroma, Candle, Healing & Therapy, Others

Material & Tool

Materials, Sub-materials, Tools, Books, DIY kits, Others


Portrait, Caricature, Social & Public (PR & Campaign), Live Painting, Others


Fermented Food, Breads, Drinks, Agricultural Products, Others


Independent Publishing, Design, Stationaries, Accessories and Musical Instruments, Toys, Records, Others