[SIHF 2019 introduced by SIHF PEOPLE #1] General Director of SIHF, Choi Hyunjung

I am Choi Hyunjung, the general director of SIHF and also the representative of the Social Enterprise Living & Arts Creative Center, which hosts SIHF. I am concerned in all programs and projects, but the most directly involved part is International Pavilion. Each year, I select inviting countries and go directly to those countries to negotiate.

I have been invited to Chiang Mai Design Week hosted by TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Center) in 2017 and introduced SIHF. I have been feeling the specialties of handmade in Chiangmai while watching the works of various artists directly.

In Chiang Mai, it is easy to remember mainly works made of cloth or bamboo, but the most impressive works at Chiang Mai Design Week were ceramics. The ceramics that are modeled on the patterns of porcelain enamels commonly used in Thailand, and the rustic ceramics accessories that seemed to contain the nature of Chiang Mai, have captured my heart.

I am so glad to introduce these works at SIHF 2019. People often think of ceramics, Japan or Finland, but I would definitely recommend Chiang Mai ceramics. Do not be hard for Thai people. If you bring your two hands together and say hello, they’ll truly welcome you.