The theme of Seoul Int’l Handmade Fair 2020

Hello, This is the office of Seoul Int’l Handmade Fair(SIHF).

The 2020 New Year is here. It also makes new changes and movements are taking place in SIHF.

The first announcement of SIHF2020 is about the theme. Every year, SIHF, along with creators and consumers, meets a variety of social issues through “handmade”.

With social issues as the theme of Fair, we will explore new handmade creators from all over the world, and together we will look for ways to change through “handmade”.

As the theme, ‘HANDMADE FOR EARTH’, has been decided for SIHF2020

Take a look at ‘Handmade for Earth’, environmental awareness, solutions to environmental problems with “handmade”, and easy practice in everyday life,

together and find out how to solve everyone’s problem, the environmental issue.


*SIHF2020 main poster will open in the middle of Jaunary.