[SIHF 2019 recommended course by theme]

1. Basic Course

Lifestyle Hall > Food Lounge_International Pavilion > Theme Hall > Creative Zone


① Lifestyle Hall ② International Hall ③ Creative Zone_ Pyongyang Super Market, Seoul Chamber of Commerce.


① Theme hall [Handmade_South and North] ② Women’s carpenters exhibition in corridor sections


① Dormitory _ Creative Studio ② Creative Zone _ Green Handmade, Creative Playground


① Food Lounge_International House Pavilion



2.Experience Course

Lifestyle Hall > Theme Hall > Creative Zone > International Handmade Workshop


① Lifestyle Hall : Making a leather craft, miniature, 416 Meeting a meaningful hand in a workshop

② Theme Hall : A board game that North and South can get closer,

③Creative Zone : Sock neck weaving, DIY air purifier, mug-up cycle

④ Business Lounge : Taiwan Wale Dawn making wooden cutlery


3.Learning and Knowledge Course

Seoul Handmade Forum > International Handmade Seminar > Business Seminar > Theme Hall

[Learning and Knowledge]

① Seoul Handmade Forum : Transformation of handmade and literacy paradigm, symposium commemorating the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus

② International handmade seminar : Trends in Asian handicraft market, fair trade First generation Laos born, present and future / Social Value Left-Handesign Seeks Social Value

③ Business Seminar : Korea Product Sourcing Wholesale Mall / Creators’ worries and solutions using Minne Market in Japan

④ Theme : North and South Talk_Why did we choose North and South, North Korea’s craft and women