[SIHF 2019 introduced by SIHF PEOPLE #6], Tumblbug, Kim Chulmin

A creative funding platform, Tumblbug’s specialist Kim Chulmin will run a 1: 1 consultation booth at this fair for crowd-funded participants and prospective creators.

Memorable participant in the exhibition of Tumblbug x SIHF2019

I remember platform of ‘sosomok’ which sponsors loved a lot last year. They made a pallet for people who draw a painting with water paint. It was impressed because it looks considering the mind of drawers, respecting their hubby at the same time.

A goods from SIHF

My hands was very heavy, when i left the fair last year. I ordered the tiger print rug, as soon as I saw it. I remembered my mother seemed excited to looking at a scarf and some accessories. So I will come to the fair with her again.

Introduction of Tumblbug zone

We are going to operate 1:1 consulting booth to explain tip of business and introduce creative funding on Thursday and Friday. Also, we do event for visitors to give small gift, when they get stamps from makers of Tumblbug’s booth.

Anticipated program in SIHF2019

I’m really looking forward the theme pavilion. Since SIHF has selected interesting theme every year to support handicraft, i have high hopes for this year fair. I can’t wait to see works of theme pavilion which can be seen attraction of South and North handmade arts difference.