[SIHF 2019 introduced by SIHF PEOPLE #5], International Exchange Manager

This NANA and Taeryong in charge of International Relationship program. We are working for organizing all participants from oversee and making a program in international Pavilion.

Team of you should take a close look in international Pavilion

First of all, you should pay attention to the team of Laos” OCK POP TOK”. OCK POP TOK is the platform to try to traditional handicraft and make a job for women in Laos. Hope you meet very high quality of handmade work using various color and fabric including home decor, a bag, etc.

Recommended Program

It will be held a mini workshop 3:00PM – 4:00PM in 19th of May by “Whale Dawn” which are from Taiwan. They will let you how to make a mini spoon with recyclable wood.  We think that it will be good chance to think about environment problem and experience of handicraft.

Anticipated aspects to prepare International pavilion

We already looked at a lot of image which participants sent. However, we haven’t seen each other until now. We are really looking forward to see all art works and communicate with them in a person.

English to be used in international pavilion

If you feel uncomfortable to speak English to makers who explain too much, you can say: I’m just looking around” If you have a question of the purpose of goods, “What is this stuff used for?” will be good question. When you doubt the material of works, you can ask them “what is it made of?” Feel free to ask a staff around you in international Pavilion, if you want to communicate with makers.