[SIHF 2019 introduced by SIHF PEOPLE #4], Everyday Practice, Kwon Junho

I’m Kwon Junho, the CEO of “Every Day Practice” design studio with living and arts creative center for the fair.

SIHF 2019 Poster

We tried to express “connection” of theme “South & North” SIHF2019 in four posters. All objects are connected one object with two different charter of images such as artifact and a natural object   based on armistice line.

Memorable Episode making a poster design during 3 years since 2017          

It is used different visualize symbol to visualize the theme “South & North: Connection, differently with last 2years of work which are used eidetic way.  It is good thing of very positive reaction, though I worried how to be shown the design of poster

Space Design Concept in this year

It was very hard to delivery effective information through displaying different graphic image at wide space at the first 3years. The main reason was we couldn’t understand whole space. However, we tried to make useful design to delivery effective information in this year, also we developed SIHF identity of pattern des ign.

SIHF 2019 limited goods

We were inconvenienced that we were not able to make ID goods in 3 years ago. In this year, we are going to produce a pencil based on handmade work, a handkerchief, an eco-bag, a badge of SIHF logo. Hope everyone experiences SIHF visual ID through a goods.

Expectation of SIHF 2019

Specially, the theme pavilion” South & North” made me exciting. When I made the idea to visualize all different objects, I was looking forward other makers arts and how to describe the theme to theirs works.