[SIHF 2019 introduced by SIHF PEOPLE #3], PR Manager, Kim Jungeun

Hello, This is Kim Jungeun who is in charge of promoting SIHF. We are making various promotional contents related to the fair and carrying out related events. Although the creative work is difficult, I have been working hard to see that the invitation tickets and posters distributed are receiving good responses.

Teams which keep your eyes on

I like cats, so I’m watching the works of ‘Seraday’ and ‘OnneC’. I’m also interested in the ‘Monthly Objet’, which is a neat feeling. Looking at the works of participating artists, I look forward to the start of SIHF.

A memorable episode in preparation for this fair

This year I tried to advertise buses for the first time. It is a design made after numerous revisions while urging participating teams and designers. I was impressed when you took the authorization shot that I saw you on the morning commute.

How to get purchase benefit

If you are a school or organization, there is a group discount. If you are an employee, you can get a 30% discount if you come in the afternoon of 17th. And also challenge invitation tickets events in Naver and Instagram.

Programs recommended by PR manager

If you are a creator who wants to go overseas, or are interested in the Asian handmade market, I recommend an international handmade seminar by “Pop up Aisa” in Taiwan. If you apply for a seminar, you will receive an invitation ticket.