Themed Hall

Handmade_North & South

Theme Hall of SIHF 2019 will talk about the stories of North and South Koreas, through the beautiful media called ‘handmade’.
We provide an opportunity for you to imagine a future for North & South Koreas through the perspectives of various media, such as the things that can be touched by hands; the stories that can be added; and North & South Koreas that can be intuitively felt.

Venue: Theme Hall, International Conference Room, Art Hall
Time: Throughout the exhibition hours, May 16(Trs.)~19(Sun.), 2019


Emotions of North Korea ruminated by engraving

by Joonkwon Kim, engraver

Emotions of Korean people discovered through furniture used every day before the separation (Small tables and drawers)

by Dapshipri Antique Arts Center

Present and daily life of North Korea

Big Issue Korea
Made in Chosun_Nicholas Bonner
Culture & I Leaders

Various entities who are preparing the future of North and South Koreas


Programs for general participation
A social board game that presents co-existence and harmony with the people who fled from North Korea
Sasakki, a card game loved by North Koreans


Talk on North & South Koreas
Why did we choose North & South Koreas?
History, trend and development of crafts in North Korea, reviewed from the perspective of crafts

Youngdeung Kim
Joonho Kwon
Kyunghee Jang

Pop-up Store

Pyongyang Supermarket
Pyongyang Supermarket sells everyday items and fashion items that are created in pop art style and reflect the lifestyle of Pyeongyang people.

Culture & I Leaders
Filament & Co